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Mortar and Cementitious fire proofing pumps




Euromair is a company dedicated to the spraying of paste products, powder products, mortar, continuous mixing, blowing of insulation in attics and walls, low pressure spraying, pneumatic spraying, Airless spraying, high pressure cleaning.
Our knowledge of the market and our teams of professionals trained to your requirements provide you with a complete range of products and a quality service.

Our priority: technological progress at the best price by developing innovative solutions.

  • A complete range of 15 product lines adapted to your needs.
  • A technical sales team dedicated to your projects in France and abroad.
  • Two advice points as well as an after-sales service network approved by us.
  • Demonstrations and start-ups on site.
  • Training and assistance on the products.



Work on facades? External Wall Insulation? Applications of mortar? There's an answer to all these needs: COMPACT-PRO.

This range of machines is ideal for all types of outdoor applications, from small projects to large-scale construction.

Coupled with mixers, they allow spraying powder products as well as ready-to-use products: traditional mortars with admixtures, monolayers, hydraulic coatings, repointing coatings, lime-based coatings, high-load technical and special coatings...


DROPPRO range of machine is specifically used for decorative fibrous and pasty products.

Mostly used indoor for plasters or cork to spray, they can also perform occasional outdoor spraying (waterproofing products and thick plastic coatings).

Completed with a range of single-phased, three-phased or diesel compressors, they easily adapt to any project.


Smoothing coating, raking coating, casing coating, bituminous coating... all types of ready-to-use film plasters can be atomized with the MINIJET and JETPRO machines.

Quiet and handy, they are also practical with their wireless starting and their quick-release hoses make it easier to use.

Paint and droplet applications can be made too (with optional kits) which make these machines really versatile.


Floor levelling jobs can be complex and difficult to set up... unless you have a top quality machine to do it for you!

The MIXPRO continuous mixing machines ensure the mixing and pouring of powder products for liquid screed applications.

The towable X-PRO range, designed for large volumes, will allow for heavy duty fluid, dry or semi-dry screed work.


The range of TURBISOL blowing machines is ideal for thermal and acoustic inner insulation: roofs spaces, walls, ceilings, etc.

Depending on the worksite size, you will find the machine adapted to your needs, up to a flow-rate of 60 bags of product per hour!
These machines can apply: rock wool, cellulose wadding, fireproofing products, hemp, wood wool, glass wool.

Combined with other machines, they can also spray hemp and lime, with specific accessories designed especially for this kind of application.


Low pressure turbines in the EOLE range are specialized in the atomization for painting and decorating projects: lacquers, varnishes, primers, in aqueous phase or in solvent phase.

Easy-to-use, compact and handy they will be a precious help for small to medium sized projects, both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to a professional top range spray-gun, they ensure a perfect application, just choose the right needle kit and start working!